The Allied Aircraft of the Great War
Read our Frequently Asked Question section about some important information regarding the way these planes handle in the simulator.
We have grouped the machines into FOUR major time eras.  We do this to aide those simulation enthusiasts who wish to ensure they are flying aircraft against those of the right time period.  There are those listed that are duplicated in different eras, but are the same plane.  Read the FAQ for more information.  Click on the planes below to access the appropriate page.
Early Era (1915)
2nd mid-War Era
(mid 1917-late 1917)
Late War Era (1918)
1st mid-War Era
(1916-early 1917)
We feature authentically modeled World War One machines by such artists as Andy Hall, Arnold Fuller, Fred Wohosky, Peter Russell, Herve Devred, Matthew Ward of Pegasus Aviation Design, Steven Grant, Jean Claude Kiefer and others.  Accurate Flight Dynamics and Damage Profiles for the CFS system were designed by Russ Rodgers for the purpose of squadron play on the internet.  Please see our note at the bottom of our homepage regarding permission to use these planes.

Also a special thanks to Bob Pearson for letting us use his aircraft artwork on the tactical note pages (some still in the process of creation). See our links to his awesome website.
This is where you can link to download some of the more important (and some not so important) types of Allied aircraft from World War One for use with Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator.  You will also find useful and accurate historical, technical and tactical information about the planes on each of the pages below.
Many of the designers featured with these "freeware" planes have an excellent collection with the Aces High CD (for FS98).... see our Links for more information!